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Well that was... My life has been a bit manic lately.
On the outside it looks sedate but when you get down to it it's beyond mental.
Starting the Sunday before last when I finally figured something very important out.
That I'm in love with someone I've known for two years, someone that's always been a voice of reason to my madness and a calm to my chaos. Problem is, he lives an Ocean away. And that's just one of them, but he feels the same and we're happy. For now. Gods, I'm so optimistic aren't I?

Been a busy few days, been out and about with friends quite a bit, got a few things I've been saving up for, including a nice corset and a bolero which means I'm a great deal closer to having my steampunk outfit finished. Yeeeeey!

Yesterday I got to spend about three hours sitting in a tree reading. My plan for tomorrow is exactly the same thing. :D


Work for the last week went... okayish. I got off early on Sunday cause we had too many people on and I was visibly wrecked (allow me to say again, I love my managers. They're all wonderful wonderful people. Really), Still sorting out uni stuff, organising a session with the counsellor again. And organising a session with a shrink. Fun times.

Experiencing a number of fucked up dreams.
In one there were.... zombies and I spent most of it shuffling about as one amongst the survivors. Another I was getting chased by something or hurt or something.... I'm not sure but I know whatever was happening to me was really really bad and I'm better off not remembering.

The last one I was paralysed from the hips down, and I was a high school senior that kept falling out of her small and crappy wheel chair and could, for some reason, walk now and then. But I'd mostly fall over. Towards the end of that one there was a nightmare fuel moment where I was trapped on my own on a beach at night and everywhere I put my hands there were birds hidden beneath the sand and they'd wake up and start swarming.

Uh... yeah.

Playing with my new shorter hair is... fun. Still can't get the spikes to stay standing though. :P Got some advice today that I'll try out on the weekend.

Still nutting out my Bleach doujin and well... life is a bit mental at the moment.

So thank gods for tea.


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