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My computer carked it on Friday. It just sat there, resetting over and over again.


SO, Hi guys, I'm not all that good with the consistent updating am I? Blegh.
Anyways, I've been... unwell. I fainted at work on Sunday. No bruises from the fall, I didn't hit my head and my managers ( Who are so WONDERFUL) took wonderful care of my, K, one that's always been nice to me sitting with me and talking to me while I lay there just awake from the black and terrified. It was great to have some one there telling me that she's been there, she came through it and there's nothing to worry about because we're both female and therefore kickass.
None the less, I will be going to the Doctor's in a week or so and getting a blood test. This is ridiculous.
Also I may need a higher does of medication. So far my relatively low dose is just not cutting it. I'm... a little better, but not near enough. I'm still a bit too out of it to be well and ... I have the scratches up my arm to prove it. Then my computer buggered itself. Joy. It's been with our resident computer dude for the past few days so Ima call tomorrow and check up on it. See how badly screwed up my machine is. *groan*

Gladly there is some good news. In regards to Uni I put in a Withdrawl After Census Due To Special Circumstances at Uni so my last ruined semester can get revoked, and I'm on official leave of absence for this semester. Next year hopefully I'll be starting a Bachelors of Animation Degree, which is more of what I want and geared more to what I need to get to where I want to go. So that's... helping. And despite the collapse on Sunday, I did work last week and I will work my shifts this week. *determined face* I'm going to get better.

Also, something curious.

On my 16th Birthday, I was given a set of rune stones, something I always had a keen interest in, helped by my Father and Tokien. I used to use them quite a lot and found them.... unsettlingly accurate. This is with me as a sceptic, so I was dealing with them with doubt.
Recently I found them again, thanks to Emma asking me about them and I've resumed casting with them. They're still fairly eerie with how on the spot they are. I did a reading for Jess and Emma (both sceptics themselves) and myself each and each time it hit close to home. In Emma's words "Freaky". Still, it's something I used to do and having them back feels nice.
Plus my last casting for myself was hopeful. I have some tough times to go through but my challenge ahead is growth and change with the best out come of healthy change and safety. If anyone's interested... though I'm not sure how it could be done online. Hurum...

Aise from that, things have been... blegh. I changed my room up, switched beds with Emma so I have my old antique iron bed back plus a futon that leans against the bed. It's an adventure climbing in and out of bed. Still it's nice to have my old bed aswell. It's up much highwer than my queen size and I can lay right against the wall just under the window. And it's Spring-ish (as spring as you can get here) and so I'm right next to the rain (when it does rain). Plus I have all my little figures and such up and looking nice and finally a small shrine thing for Quan Yin.

THings, seem to be getting better. I'm happier I think. Hopefully.
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Well that was... My life has been a bit manic lately.
On the outside it looks sedate but when you get down to it it's beyond mental.
Here we go... )

So thank gods for tea.


Jul. 21st, 2010 12:35 am
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From [ profile] denshi_no_ultra

Comment saying "(character of your choice) is BOSS" and I will tell you the following:

1. Something random about you.
2. Which colour you remind me of.
3. My first memory of you.
4. What random character I associate with you.
5. My favourite thing about you.
6. What fandom I associate with you.
7. Challenge you to post this on your journal.

Aaaaand another one. )


Also, I wanna know hwy the hell are my posts showing up on my FRIENDS page. WTF?!
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So I gots a haircut yesterday. Click for pic! )


Jul. 20th, 2010 01:45 pm
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Right now I'm just fiddling with a custome style trying to get something I'm satisfied with and works for me. :D
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I has a new joooournal! :D

A part of healing is leaving the past behind you and the journal change is simply a part of that. So is cutting ones hair. Which I did today as well.
Long rambly short, I'm setting on changing and healing and a new journal with a new name is a great way to do that. To those that have followed me here from my old LJ, Welcome, enjoy your stay, you guys know where the drinks are.

Love n Cheers.



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